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Three most pristine beaches in Hue, Vietnam

Three most pristine beaches in Hue, Vietnam

Many visitors to Hue think that Hue, Vietnam only has historical constructions, related to Nguyễn Dynasty, which are Hue Citadel, Hue Imperial City, King’s tombs


Few people know that in addition to historical constructions, Hue is also endowed with many places by nature with extremely beautiful scenery. One of them is Lang Co bay, Lap An lagoon Bach Ma National Park, Tam Giang Lagoon … Especially with the long coastline, Hue also has many beautiful beaches for tourists who love swimming, love beach. And many beaches still retain their pristine looks.

This article, LAQUE Travel will introduce to you 3 pristine beaches in Hue. Very suitable for those who like the wildness of nature as well as those who love photography


1. Canh Duong Beach

Canh Duong Beach is located in Vinh Loc commune, Phu Loc district, TT-Hue. About 22km from the foot of Hai Van pass and 56km from Hue city

In particular, Canh Duong beach is visited by many young people for overnight camping. There are many activities here, very exciting on weekend evenings such as campfires, catching fiddler crab…

According to people living in Canh Duong beach, if you get up early to welcome dawn. Walk along the beach if you’re lucky you can catch some very big red squid . There are many that weigh up to 2 to 3 kg

Guide to Canh Duong beach

From Hue city: you follow the direction to Da Nang. After passing Phuoc Tuong tunnel about 5km, there will be Chan May road on the left. Running on Chan May road for 4km more, then asked local people for the way to Canh Duong beach.


From Da Nang city: You run towards Hue. After running out of Lap An lagoon (located on your left handside), you will meet Chan May street on your right handside. Tủn right to this road, run another 12km, then stop and ask local people for the way to Canh Duong beach

Note: Because Chan May street and 1A Highway form a circle (Chan May street is as a detour). So when you turn into Chan May street, you ought to consider how far you have gone in order to ask local people the way coming to Canh Duong beach.

Camp overnight at Canh Duong beach

Many tourists choose to camp overnight at Canh Duong beach. The camping area here is chosen by young people along the mouth of the Bu Lu River. A very peaceful and romantic scene


At present, Canh Duong beach does not have any hotel. However, there are many very good quality hostel here for your stay


Some hostels you can have a look:


Canh Duong Hostel: the hostel is very new, solidly built, very large and clean rooms. Especially located right next to the beach. Just 3-5 minutes walk to the beach

Family Hostel: located next to the beach, 4-5 minutes walk to the beach

Green Sea Hostel:only 4-5 minutes walk to the beach

TAN CANH Hostel: close to the beach, the owner here is extremely enthusiastic


2. Vinh Hien beach

The next pristine beach in the article is Vinh Hien beach. Located in Vinh Hien commune, Phu Loc district, TT-Hue. Vinh Hien beach is 50km from Hue city center.

This beach has both beautiful sandy beaches and cliffs and forests. This is a promising place to have many beautiful photos for photographers

Because it is quite untouched, almost only locals come to bathe here, very rare to see tourists. Therefore, the services here are also very limited

There are some hostel along the main street, for tourists to stay at night. There are about 3 seafood restaurants, located close to the sea. You can eat seefood at these rétaurant.

Especially, near Vinh Hien beach, there is Thanh Duyen pagoda, located on Tuy Van mountain. The pagoda was built at the seventeenth century under Nguyen Phuc Tan lord. It was repaired and built by Minh Mang King in 1836 and renamed Thanh Duyen pagoda

This is the most beautiful pagoda in Vietnam. If standing from above, you can fully see the magnificent Cau Hai lagoon

3. Hai Duong beach

The third pristine beach is Hai Duong beach, in Hai Duong commune, Huong Tra town, TT-Hue

The beach is very beautiful, but due to the lack of access, only a few locals come to bathe

With very white sand, stretching for many kilometers, standing here you will feel the vastness of the sea. The sea here is characterized by quite large waves compared to other beaches in Vietnam. Very suitable for windsurfing

Guide to Hai Duong sea

From Hue city, you run towards Thuan An beach (the tourist beach of Hue). On the way, you will meet a big cheap fork to Tam Giang bridge. You turn left at this junction. After crossing Dien Truong bridge, Thao Long bridge (crossing

From Hue city, you run towards Thuan An beach (the tourist beach of Hue). On the way, you will meet a big fork to Tam Giang bridge. You turn left at this junction. After crossing Dien Truong Bridge, Thao Long Bridge (cross Huong River) and Tam Giang Bridge (over Tam Giang Lagoon), then turn left anh run about 1km. The Hai Duong beach will be on your right handside. You will see a small sign on the right handside. However, you cannot drive a car or motorbike to the sea because you have to go up a high sand hill. So you can park your vehicle outside, and walk to the beach

In addition to these 3 pristine beaches, walking along the coast of Hue, we can also see many other beautiful beaches and still quite unspoiled. If you have time, please explore more

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