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The beauty of Lang Co bay and Lap An lagoon in Hue, Vietnam

The beauty of Lang Co bay and Lap An lagoon in Hue, Vietnam

Lang Co Bay, located in Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam. Under Hai Van pass. Lang Co is regconized as one of the best bays in the world. With the beach long more than 10 km, pure and blue water, slight waves. Lang Co beach has a wide, white sandbank. Especially, with a low slope of sandbank, creating a low level of water, it’s very suitable for swimming.

Opposite Lang Co Bay, aross 1A Highway, is Lap An lagoon. It’s the famous location for lot of travellers. Lap An lagoon scene is very poetic with a quiet water surface, and far away is low, green mountains.

This post will share you how to explore Lang Co bay and Lap An lagoon when you travel to Hue city or Da Nang city.

1. Time to go Lang Co bay

The weather at Lang Co Bay is the same at Hue city. The best time is from the beginning of March to the end of September. It’s the sunny season, without rains

But if you are people who likes swimming in the beach, and can not bear the cold water, May to August is the best time for you.

2. How to moving to Lang Co bay and Lap An lagoon

Although Lang Co bay is belong to Hue city, but it’s closer Da Nang city than Hue city. So you can travel to Lang Co bay from Hue or Da Nang. Most travellers here come from Da Nang city.

  • Lang Co Bay is 35km from Da Nang to the North. You can come here by private car, bus, train or motobike.

Travel by train:  Every day, there is only train stop at Lang Co station.

Train schedule from Danang to Hue

Train Da Nang Station Lang Co Station Da Nang Station
SE 22 (Da Nang to Lang Co) 6h30  8h22
SE 21 (Lang Co to Da Nang) 8h25 9h40


Travel by bus: From 2019, new bus system between Hue city and Da Nang city has been put into operation. Operating time from 5 am to 7pm. Time space: 15 minutes.

You can take these buses at Danang Bus staion or anywhere along the 1A Highway

Travel by motobike: If you can ride, you should rent a motobike from Da Nang, and travel to Lang Co bay.

Also, if you travel to Lang Co by motobike, you can pass the Hai Van Pass, one of the most beautiful pass in Vietnam.

  • Lang Co Bay is 65km from Hue city. The transportation is same as Da Nang. But it’s so far from Hue Center to Lang Co, so you have to consider carefully if you want ride motobike.

Train schedule from Hue city to Lang Co

Train Hue station Lang Co Station Hue Station
SE 21 (Hue to Lang Co) 7h00  8h17
SE 22 (Lang Co to Da Nang) 8h28 10h10


3. Accommodation when travel to Lang Co bay and Lap An lagoon

Most travellers come to Lang Co bay for relaxing. So there are many resorts here. And almost of them are next to Lang Co beach.

Some resort that you can have a look:

Lang Co Resort

Lang Co Beach Resort

Thanh Tam Resort

If you are travellers who just want to explore Lang Co bay and Lap An lagoon, you should come here by motobike. And than you can stay in a hotel or hostel, even homestay along the 1A highway.

It’s very convinient when you ride a motobike because there is no public transportation in Lang Co.

Advice: Not only in Lang Co but also in Vietnam, public transportation is not convinient for travelling. Taxi, private car or motobike is the best choice.


Some hotel for you:

Ngoc Hang hotel

Cham Pa hotel


4. Things to do when travelling to Lang Co bay and Lap An lagoon

Lang Co bay have a long beautiful beach, so swimming is the main interest of most people coming here.

And sightseeing, eating sea food are also fantastic

Swimming activty

If you have booked a Resort to stay, swimming in Lang Co is too easy. Just dress yourself in swimsuit and run right away to the sea. Currently, the resorts here provide a full range of services for you such as towels, chairs, dining, boat, campfire

For those of you who come to Lang Co to experience, explore… find the way for local resident down to Lang Co beach and take a bath

Currently, the large area of Lang Co beach has been occupied by the resorts. There are only a few paths that lead down to the sea from National Highway 1A for local people to go swimming. There are a few shops selling seafood and drinking water, you can park your vehicles here for swimming. Remember to buy them some kind of water so they will keep their eye on your vehicle

Another way to swim is to drive directly to the resorts and use their services such as renting towels, chairs … The services here are quite cheap. After that, you can enjoy swimming like who have booked the resort.

LAQUE Travel

Sightseeing at Lang Co bay and Lap An lagoon

The first and not to be missed is going around Lap An lagoon

Lap An lagoon is a lagoon with a fairly large water surface, facing Lang Co Bay through National Highway 1A. Traveling to Lang Co, you should definitely visit Lap An lagoon to take pictures as well as eat delicious and cheap seafood here.

The main activities of the people in Lap An lagoon are fishing and aquaculture. Tourism activities are almost not available. But, some local people have make some bamboo rafts and swing for taking pictures.

To take pictures at Lap An lagoon or admire the charming mountain scenery in the far distance of the lagoon, you run into Nguyen Van Street (parallel to National Highway 1A). On the way you will see a sandy bank and many people stop here for sightseeing, taking picture

>>> Update: Currently, there are some services of the local people such as renting boats rowing around the lagoon, rafts with many different shapes, swings to take pictures.

If you want to rent a boat around Lap An lagoon, you contact these local people who own these rafts. swings

After playing bored at Lap An lagoon, Lang Co Bay still has many other points for you to explore. Two of them are Chan May deep water port or Canh Duong beach. These are two places that are still very unspoiled and the scenery is very beautiful.

If you have many days in Lang Co bay, do not miss the experience at Bach Ma National Park. As a fairyland place of Hue that must visit once in a lifetime


5. What to eat when traveling to Lang Co and Lap An lagoon

Lang Co tourism is definitely impossible to ignore to enjoy seafood. Seafood here includes shrimps, crabs, fish, squid, and clams … caught in Lang Co beach and Lap An lagoon.


Seafood in the central sea of Vietnam as well as in Lang Co Sea is often more delicious than seafood in the northern and southern seas, so when traveling to Lang Co or the central of Vietnam, please enjoy seafood to know this difference.

Note that the water in Lap An lagoon is brackish water, mixed between seawater and river water, so the characteristics of sea food here are also different from those in the sea. Most aquatic species that can be found in the sea can also be found in the lagoon.

To eat seafood from the sea, you can eat at the Resort’s restaurants, the price here is also very reasonable. Don’t worry about being slashed like other places. There is some types of seafood caught from Lap An lagoon too.

To eat seafood from Lap An lagoon, you stop by Nguyen Van Street. Along this road, there will be a few restaurants built on the lagoon. The most famous is Be Than restaurant or Viet Pearl restaurant

6. How to spend 1 day in Lang Co bay and Lap An lagoon

If you only have 1 day to travel to Lang Co, what should you do to enjoy a full day in one of the most beautiful bays in the world?

Here is my recommendation when you travel Lang Co 1 day,

In the morning: you move to Lang Co, maybe from Da Nang city, Hoi An or Hue city

After arriving in Lang Co Bay, you should visit Chan May deep-water port. This is Hue’s main port, and the scenery here is also super beautiful.

If you like the sea, you can go to the nearby Canh Duong beach. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hue. And still quite wild, due to the long distance from Hue city, the number of tourists coming here is not much.

Then go to Lap An lagoon to admire the scenery, take pictures. A small boat can be hired to row around Lap An lagoon. If you go on time, you can see people harvesting seafood by “NÒ SÁO”, which is a specialized tool for fishing in the lagoon areas.


Noon is the time when you will enjoy seafood of Lang Co beach and Lap An lagoon. As I mentioned in the section “ 5. What to eat when traveling to Lang Co and Lap An lagoon

“, you visit Be Than restaurant to enjoy delicious seafood at very low prices.

After finishing lunch, you go to Lang Co Resort. Here you can go to the resort’s restaurant, located next to the sea, to relax or swim

The service at Lang Co resort is quite good and the price is very reasonable. You can spend the afternoon swimming, watching the sunset on Lang Co beach

Note: for those of you riding a motorbike, you should consider the time to return to the city. If the group is crowded, you can run Hai Van pass. You will see Danang city shimmering in the light from above on Hai Van pass

Anyway, I also recommend that it is reasonable to return to the city around 17h

For those who came Lang Co bay by private car, stay till night to experience the view of Lang Co bay at night. You will see shimmering lights from offshore fishing boats and there are always night activities on Lang Co beach that you can participate in such as campfire, folk games …


After that, go back to the city to rest

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