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The 4 best coffee shops to get beautiful view of Hue from above

The 4 best coffee shops to get beautiful view of Hue from above

If you travel to Hue, you will find that Hue is the cafe’s paradise. From popular cafes to beautiful cafeS, they are always so busy.

Because life is somewhat peaceful, not in a hurry like in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi or Da Nang… So the common feature of the cafe in Hue is always crowded, partly due to many customers, the other part is customers trend sitting for a long time

Here is a list of 4 coffee shops to get beautiful view of Hue from above that can enjoy the panoramic view of Hue city as well as the romantic Perfume River.

1. Imperial Cafe

Topping this list is the cafe on the 16th floor of Imperial Hotel Huế, the first 5-star hotel in Hue

This is a combination of a restaurant and a cafe in a hotel. Because it is located on the 16th floor and close to the Perfume River, you can see the panorama of Hue city as well as the Perfume River in any location of the café.

Imperial Hotel at night

At the time of construction (2005) until now (2020), this is considered the most beautiful cafe in Hue from above.

The space of the cafe includes 2 areas:

Indoor area: with air conditioning system and 24/24 lights create a very quiet and cozy feeling

Inside of Imperial Cafe

Outdoor area: This is an open space with high chairs as in outdoor bars. Very suitable for breathing the fresh air of Hue city

Outdoor Area

However, since it is a 5-star hotel and centrally located, the price of drinks is quite high at the moment. That is also the reason that the restaurant is very empty. But in return, you will have a very quiet space as well as a panoramic view of the romantic Hue city on the gentle Perfume River.

Drink prices from 60k – 200k

Address: 8 Hung Vuong, Phu Hoi, Hue City, Vietnam

Direction Guide

If you go by car, just run straight into the hotel lobby, the receptionist will guide the parking space. If you ride a motorbike, on the right handside is the parking lot of the hotel (currently this area is also the parking space of Highlands Coffee). Then just go straight inside and go to the elevator to reach the 16th floor.

2. Muong Thanh Hotel Cafe – Hue

Muong Thanh Hotel Cafe is located on the 11th floor of the hotel, with panoramic views of Hue city and Huong River

Muong Thanh Holiday Hue Hotel

The space here is quite large, but there is no outdoor area like in the Imperial Cafe

Muong Thanh Hotel Cafe Shop

In terms of price compared to the quality and the view, it can be said that the price here is extremely cheap

Hương River anh Truong Tien Brigde From the window

Currently, not many people know this cafe, so it is still quiet. Partly due to the lack of promotion and the other part is the psychology of many customers who fear that prices will be high here

In March 2019, the price here has decreased by 15%. With the current price, this coffee shop is a beautiful cafe, so come once when traveling to Hue

Address: 38 Le Loi, Phu Hoi, Hue city, Vietnam

3. The Time Coffee

Located on the terrace of the building at the foot of Phu Xuan Bridge, The Time Coffee can be considered as the true rooftop cafe in Hue today.

The Time Coffee

This is also considered a beautiful cafe in Hue. Although not as tall as the 2 cafes above. But the location of The Time Coffee is very close to the Perfume River, so here you can completely see Hue city.


Address: 18 Le Loi, Vinh Ninh, Hue City

Direction Guide

Go straight to 18 Le Loi, right at the intersection of Le Loi Street with Hanoi Street, at the foot of Phu Xuan Bridge. You look closely next to Dien May Xanh is the entrance to the parking garage. Then go upstairs to the rooftop is The Time Coffee


4. Toa Kham Cafe & Restaurant

Located right at the Toa Kham Boat Station, although it is only located in the 1-story building, but because it is right next to the banks of the Perfume River, the space here is extremely open

Toa Kham Cafe & Restaurant

Sitting here to enjoy coffee, you can see the poetic and gentle Perfume River flowing. In addition, you can see many famous places of Hue such as the Toa Kham tourist boat with hundreds of large and small dragon boats waiting for guests, opposite Dong Ba market, on the left hand is Truong Tien bridge – the most famous brigde in Hue city.

Address: 49 Le Loi, Phu Hoi, Hue City

Direction Guide

Running to 49 Le Loi, this is also the Toa Kham Boat Station. There is a parking lot for motorbikes as well as cars in front of the coffee shop.

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